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Another Luke Lover

I am in love with your community. Its the prettiest, sexiest montage of Luke/Mark I have ever seen. I always had such a crush on Luke, but I thought I had to keep it quiet because everyone I knew preferred Han Solo. I like Han too, but Luke and I, well it's special. For my Birthday this year my sister got me the only can order on line "Luke Skywalker" shirt from hot topics. I have got the best sister ever! I just wish we could all experience Luke falling in love with his Mara Jade on screen. What are all your favorite Luke Skywalker moments. I'd have to admit to it being the moment he could communicate with his father, and feels his heart tugging and burning with a desire to love his father but also a feeling of duty to do what is right. Alas.

"Ben, Why didn't you tell me."

Luke from Empire Strikes Back
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Oh dear, you must show us that shirt, make photos *g*

Yes, I love that moment, too, where they have a force connection and Luke seems to be tempted to follow his father and submit to him and the dark side. I just wish Mark would´ve had the chance to play a bit more dark, for example in "RotJ". The throne room sequence was superb, one of my all time favourites.

BTW, welcome here :D Glad you like the graphic
I really have been wanting to post my t-shirt, but I need my sister's assistance. I will be getting the pic on this site as soon as I can.
Hello there *waves shyly*

Yay, Luke rocks!
There are many great scenes I love but one that's particularly meaningful to me is in ESB, when Luke says goodbye to Han in the hangar, in Hoth - you know, that real looooong (and longing?)and look they give each other?

I am a male, but I thought as a six year old Mark was like a 10 foot god like super hero in 1977 Star Wars. Relatively speaking he remains twice my physical height. On Tatooine where the sun shines bright, and where Luke towers over desert igloos is where I long to be cemented in my otherwise plastic Star Wars mind.
The place I'd like to be is in the Dagobah system. I love the feeling that comes with learning in such a peaceful place. It is thoroughly devoid of man made techology; a perfect place to become at one with the force. I have the x-wing fighter and yoda's hut in lego form, and I call my own live lournal site the Dagobah System, so yah I'd say its fairly obvious where I'd liked to be.
Educated in English Australia, also similar background in relations to yourself. Luke's begetting of wisdom and knowledge in the Jedi ways is pivotal to his story, my guiding light. Luke becomes real to me at the moment he finally believes the forces' mastery of its environment. Only such faith, knowledge and skill can Luke and us padawan jedis live on Earth's reality, even in devoid of the commonalities of the machinery world.

ps Can you find out if Mr Mcquarrie's ILM, modelling team have left the "semi hippie" legacy. Such dynamic gloss the Empirials portray have fuelled the digital revolution of late, leaving aside fiddly and crafty hands in the cottage industries.