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I found it, I found it!

And I thought I'd share. ^_^ I've been looking for this pic for ages:

Image hosted by

Isn't it just darling? LOL


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[commences fangirlish squeeing] Okay, I'm finished now -- oh, wait, no [squees again]. There, NOW it's out of my system.
LOL. I love it too! I'm glad I finally found it! It was bugging me like crazy! ~Jessy *squees too* ^_^
Mark was a uniform orange tracksuit top during my first experience of Mark Hamill at the cinema. He scored the first kiss from the Princes, onscreen?, or do Han's conversation with Leia hint otherwise in the narrow ice caves of Hoth rebel base.

I think such a caption can be shared amongst the other episodes and characters, as they all converge to war throughtout the saga.