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Jen Steele

The Force Is With Me

I am Jen and I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a little girl and I have always liked Luke. I have to admit, however that my interest in Star Wars was reawakened when I went to see Revenge of the Sith in theaters. When I was a little girl I had a crush on Luke but it was never to this extent. So I am enjoying it.

So for my first post I offer you a gift of a wallpaper my friend made for me.

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LOL Sounds a bit like me. I hadn't seen Star Wars for 4 years and then I went to see ROTS. I decided that it would be good to watch the original trilogy again. O_O Bad idea because I re-fell in love it, and to be more specific, I fell for Luke. ^_^
yeah lets just say that when i was a little girl i was too young to really grasp luke in all his adorableness back then..he was just cute to look at but now that i`m older and actually understand the story, its ten times worse cause i fully understand luke and his true character. and plus i have a whole new apprecaition for mark hamill. he is a sweetie.
Ooh. Too lovely for words!
I live my life according to the gospel of Luke. How were you involved as a fan during the mid eighties to 1997. All my friends said he was old, by 1990, that's why they failed.
Well..i`ll give you a clue..i was about 10 years old when The Empire Strikes Back came i have been a fan for that long..i rented episode 4 about a year before that. And i went to see Jedi in the theatre when it came out.Are you talking about Anakin being old or Luke? Basically i just knew the stories according to the movies. I never read the books or anything, but out of the 3 prequels i liked Sith the best.And i never saw the other 2 movies til after i saw Sith. I don`t know if i answered your question or not but it was kinda vague..sorry
So I've heard Haydens been next door filming Revenge of the Sith for the past few months. Haven't seen him at the front Fox bar stool where I patronise. All the better since no one takes the attention away from me and Luke.

Similar experience to your childhood entry into Luke's world. Only I maintain every week the Luke trench run at the central city cinema complex to this day.

That's a dynamic presentation on your personal journal, Jen?. If I had applied my knowledge as did Hayden Christiensen in the Glass House in submission to your Super hero I might well be living the sky scraping career today, nonetheless we are happy to pilot T16 sky hoppers and the like 'til our destiny calls.

Got all the Luke gadgets, so might as well read thoughtfully comics and novels with the likeminded.

Yeah all my friends said Luke was old by the '90. What slanderous slur on such a bright young star only half the age of the average president. Such insubordination should not be tolerated and the perpetrators shot.


February 23 2009, 23:40:17 UTC 8 years ago

i wasn't even born when the movies came out and i still think lukes cute